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Hunting Safari Packages South Africa

Hunting Packages - Little Africa Hunting Safaris

At Little Africa Hunting Safaris we offer tailor made safaris to meet the individual preferences of our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your special requests.

To get the ball rolling after all the lock downs we created some all inclusive hunting packages. Please note that these are special offers with only 2 of every package available. 

From : $10000

Package includes - Hard Boss Buffalo Bull, Blesbuck, Common Springbuck, Black Springbuck.

From : $22000

Package includes - Roan Antelope, Sable, Buffalo Bull under 42”.

From : $6000

Package includes - Blue Wildebeest, Golden Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest.

From : $4000

Package includes - Common Springbuck, Black Springbuck, Copper Springbuck, White Springbuck.

From : $5000

Package includes - Blesbuck, Red Hartebeest, Warthog, Gemsbuck, Common Springbuck.

From : $6500

Package inludes : Common Springbuck, Gemsbuck, Impala Ram, Warthog, Black Wildebeest Bull, Burchell's Zebra

From : $9000

Package includes - Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Eland, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell's Zebra.

From : $3550

Package includes - Common Springbuck, Black Springbuck, Warthog, Blesbuck, Impala.

From : $5000

Package includes - Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebuck, Common Duiker, Steenbuck.

From : $6500

Package includes - Gemsbuck, Common Springbuck, Impala Ram, Burchell's Zebra, Warthog, Blesbuck, Kudu.

From : $7000

Package Includes - Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebuck, Kudu Bull, Black Wildebeest