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Hunters Information South African Safaris

Hunter's Information - Little Africa Hunting Safaris

At Little Africa Hunting Safaris we will guide you through your entire safari from beginning to end, to create an adventure of a lifetime.

Best Times to Visit

Between March and September are the best times to plan your South African hunting safari. March & April can still be quite hot but by May the temperatures cool down.  

Mornings are often frosty and cold, warm and sunny during the day, but the temperature drops quickly at sun down.  

From mid- June until the end of August temps regularly drop down below zero (celcius) during the night. 

Due to our high altitude at Little Africa Hunting Safaris we often receive light snowfalls during these winter months

Hunters Information Little Africa in winter

Travel Arrangements to South Africa

Your main entry points into South Africa are Johannesburg and Cape Town.  From there you will need to take a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth where you will be met by one of our staff.  

The drive from the airport to Little Africa takes around 3 ½ – 4  hours.  It is therefore recommended to book your connecting flight into Port Elizabeth to arrive before midday and departure from Port Elizabeth for late morning or early afternoon.  

Connecting flights should be booked with at least a 2-3 hour layover between flights, especially between international and domestic flights if you are bringing your own firearm/s.

Visas are generally not a requirement for entry into South Africa – American and European Union passports are sufficient.

Please remember to let us have your travel details in advance so that we can be sure to have someone meet you at the airport on your arrival.

Travelling with Minors

Any child under the age of 18 must travel with their passport and a full (unabridged) birth certificate with the child’s full names as printed on their passport, showing both parents particulars, even if both parents are accompanying the child.  

If only one parent is travelling with the child, that parent needs an affidavit from the other parent registered on the birth certificate authorising him/her to enter into or depart the Republic of South Africa with the child he/she is travelling with, a court order granting full parental responsibility to the parent travelling, certified copies of both parent’s passports and a 24-hour telephone number.

Please be note that all travellers under the age of 18 years not in possession of the required documents will not be allowed to enter into or depart South Africa.

Travelling with Firearms

hunters information south africa

If you choose to bring your own firearms with you check with the airline you are booking with that it is permitted.  

Your domestic flights between Johannesburg (or Cape Town) and Port Elizabeth should be booked with FlySafair  (

Note: If you are hiring firearms from us you can fly on any airline.

Health Considerations

Allergies: For catering purposes please remember to communicate with us any food allergies you have so that the Lodge staff are aware of this and prepared before you arrive:

Prescription medication:  It is essential to bring with you sufficient supplies of prescription medicine, in original packaging and with a copy of your doctor’s prescription.

Vaccinations: The Eastern Cape is Malaria and Bilharzia free and no vaccinations are needed for them prior to your safari. We suggest you discuss anti-malaria prophylactics with your own doctor should you be extending you stay and travelling elsewhere in Southern Africa.

Covid 19: All Little Africa Hunting Safaris staff has been vaccinated against Covid 19. South Africa’s current Covid Travel Protocol:

Please check with your home country regarding their Covid protocol.

Insurance: Please arrange comprehensive travel insurance prior to your travels in the unlikely event of an emergency.



We make use of 220 V electrical power supply, so if you need a special adapter please bring your own one with you

Time Zone:

South Africa is on GMT +2

Currency & Credit Cards:

South African currency is measured in Rand (ZAR)

Debit cards and Master Card & VISA credit cards are accepted at formal businesses

All VAT is included in your quoted price for your safari.

Phone, Email & WIFI:

You can open your phone to international roaming before you leave home if needed however most of the hunting areas have no cell phone reception.  We have WIFI available to all at the lodges.           

Packing for your Safari - a General Guide

Remember to keep it simple as we do laundry daily (a good idea to remember for clothing : one in the wash, one to wear and one for spare)

Pack for cold weather mostly as you will be here in our winter and you can always remove layers if it’s too warm. Hunting clothes should be shades of green, beige, tan and desert camo.  No white or bright colours please.



  • 1 Pair of good walking boots (Always worn-in)
  • 1 Pair of comfortable camp shoes
  • 3 – 4 Pairs of good socks
  • 3 – 4 Sets of underwear
  • 2 Sets of thermals (top and bottom)
  • 3 Pairs of long hunting pants
  • 3 Hunting shirts
  • 1 Hunting Jacket
  • 1 Warm sweater or jumper
  • Casual wear for the evenings
  • Gloves, scarf (or buff) and beanie
  • 1 Raincoat/waterproof jacket
  • Cap or Hat

Fire Arms and Equipment

  • A small back pack for the items you want to take along with you during the day while hunting
  • Binoculars
  • Shooting sticks if you prefer your own
  • Rifle with Sufficient Ammunition – If you are using your own rifle
  • Rifle Import Permit Application and relevant documentation if required
  • Rifle cleaning kit, regular wipe down set.
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Pocket knife

Extra Gear

  • Passport
  • Air tickets
  • Pack copies of all your travel documents in your luggage or scan them to your cloud storage
  • Taxidermy tags if you have your own Taxidermist (shipping Instructions)
  • Any CITES permits you may require
  • Camera/s
  • Spare batteries if required
  • USB flash drive or SD card for copying photos
  • Camera/Binocular lens cleaning cloth
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block SPF 30 (yes, even in winter!)
  • Chap stick or lip balm
  • International plug set – conversion to South Africa 220 V
  • Insect repellent (we do have this in all bedrooms but usually not a problem during the colder winter months)
  • Extra prescription glasses if required
  • Prescription medicine if required.  It is a good idea to split your meds, with some of each in your hand luggage and checked in luggage
  • First aid is on hand in camp and in all hunting vehicles, but it would be wise to bring your own requirements along
  • Toiletries
  • Wet wipes are also rather useful
  • Sanitiser